I'm torn...

Jan. 2nd, 2009 07:36 pm
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between desperately trying to ignore the fact that David Tennant is stepping down as the Doctor and wanting to know who'll be Doctor no. 11.
Not much longer though - the BBC announced that the identity of the next Doctor will be revealed tomorrow in a special of "Doctor Who Confidential", which will air on BBC 1 at 5:35 pm.
I'm scared - what if I don't like who they chose? But then before I saw the first episode with the 10th Doctor I was equally afraid that I might not like David Tennant. Guess I'll just have to trust Steven Moffat & Co. - I'm sure they know what they're doing... I hope...

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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'm so not into parties. The last "real" party (music, dancing etc) I attended New Year's Eve must have been about 6 years ago. This year it's just my sister, some friends and me having a nice night - dinner, card games, trying to calm down the kids, fireworks at midnight, that kind of stuff.
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Today I was reminded of why I tend to buy the stuff I want/need (CDs, DVDs, books etc) on the internet instead of just going to the shops.
I want to read Russell T. Davies' "The Writer's Tale". But, thinking it might be a good idea to support my local bookshop, I ordered it there and not on amazon. Guy in the shop told me it'll take 10-14 days (I'm not in the UK, so the shop had to order it from there) - ok for me. But that was on December, 1st! So today I'm going in to check on my order. Same guy - he looks it up and is like "Hm, my computer says the book's not been released yet." Hello??? I tell him that can't be right, and he checks on the net, coming to the same conclusion: the book has been out since September. Congratulations! Now - after 4 weeks of waiting - he tells me that he obviously can't get the book for me. Not that he could have phoned me in the meantime, after all they have my phone number and they should get notice of some kind from their distributor if he can't deliver an article. Thanks very much.
The upshot was that now I cancelled the order at the shop and (surprise) ordered on amazon.de. Estimated delivery: tomorrow! I just love the internet.
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Spotted at [livejournal.com profile] nomedeplume13's journal.

Your rainbow is slightly shaded blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

perfect match I'd say :)
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I just realised that I had kind of "first contact" with Doctor Who way before the new series made it into German TV this year. Well, not with "The Doctor", but someone who borrowed his name in real life. The Doctor is in )
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Mine just promised to bring his wlan router to our parents' home over the holidays. Thank god! Because they do have internet access, but the computer is up in the attic, and it's not very comfortable up there. Not to mention that there will be at least 4 people who'd want to use that PC, which can cause a little trouble. (or as my brother put it: "I'm not going to spent a week in that one-horse town without unlimited internet access!"). Now everybody can just take their notebook, mobile phone or game console of choice and do whatever they like whereever they like.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I've actually never seen 'It's a Wonderful Life'.
My favourite Christmas movies are 'Love Actually', 'Die Hard' (yes, that is a Christmas movie!) and the 'Emil i Lönneberga' movies. They're kids stories, based on the novels by swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Wonderful fun stuff around the boy Emil (in Germany he's actually called Michel), a prankster who lives on a farm in the district of Lönneberga in Sweden.
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A few days ago Germany was rocked by (another) scandal regarding stolen data. This time a parcel containing thousands of credit card holders' data turned up at the "Frankfurter Rundschau" newspaper.
Now the culprit was discovered: a Christmas cake, or more precisely: two delivery men, who instead of delivering it to the "FR" opened the parcel and ate the cake. So what would you do if you wanted to disguise that you've just stolen something? Yes, of course! You take another parcel, addressed to a major german bank (they should after all get 6 packages, surely they won't notice if one's missing), put the address label of the newspaper's parcel onto it and deliver as if nothing happened. source
No offence, but I'm pretty sure I can guess why those two don't work as nuclear physicists.
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Finally someone noticed: I belong in London - I've been thinking that for years

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.

A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Feeling bad

Dec. 7th, 2008 07:13 pm
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I'm feeling pretty bad right now. My landlady just came and told me that her husband died last weekend. He suffered from lung cancer, which I knew, but I met him a few days before and he didn't look too bad. Now I didn't get on with him very well, but she's mostly alright - we do have our differences and I like complain about it a lot but in general we get on well. What really bothers me is that I am rubbish at social interactions and just don't know what to do or say. The usual condolences, right, and the offer for her to say if she needed anything, but other than that I'm lost. Sh***
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...für alle Amazon.de Kunden. Gutes soll man ja weiter verbreiten, hier also mal eine schöne Idee, für diejenigen, die bei Amazon.de shoppen. Geht man über den Link We Save the World auf die Amazon-Seite, so werden vom Kaufpreis jedes bestellten Artikels 5-7,5% an die von euch gewählte Hilfsorganisation gespendet. Wichtig für euch: die Spende tätigt amazon, ihr zahlt nur den normalen Preis des Artikels. Ihr könnt wählen, welcher dieser Organisationen die Spende zu Gute kommen soll: Ärzte ohne Grenzen, Studieren ohne Grenzen, Welthungerhilfe, Greenpeace, Amnesty International oder Survival International.
Gerade jetzt, wo sicher noch viele Weihnachtsgeschenke zu kaufen sind, eine prima Idee! Also: einfach den kurzen Umweg im Netz über den o.g. Link gehen und was Gutes tun.
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Finally bought myself a new stereo. Well I say 'bought', it's more like 'ordered', since according to amazon delivery will take up to 4 weeks (should have ordered last week, they had them in store then...). A real shame, since I already gave my old one away to my father. It was his in the first place, but he gave it to me when he bought a new one 10 years ago. So just to give you an idea: first I was stuck with some mediocre stereo system that was at least 20 years old (I'm guessing older), now I have none and have to stick to my iPod or PC. But then the waiting should be worth it. I settled for a Yamaha Pianocraft (E410), which in it's price class is supposed to be one of the best sound-wise. Tested it at a local electronics store and loved it. I so would have wanted to take it with me right then but they wanted me to pay 70 € more than amazon. Sorry, but no.

Plus, today I decided on the cloth for the new curtains in my living room. So once they are done and the stereo is delivered my all-new, all-shiny living room will finally be complete :D
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...has officially started for me. One day early, I know, but I just felt like spending my afternoon in the kitchen. Cookies anyone?
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So here's my first impression of John's album "Music, Music, Music":
I love it, and it appeals to me much more than "Another Side" (which I think is not bad, but it didn't catch me as much as this one).
I especially love "I Made it Through the Rain" - a wonderful melody *melts* - and (after a short adaptation period because it's arranged a little different than the "Faenol Festival version") the duet with Daniel Boys, "I Know Him So Well". Their voices are just perfect together.
And "I Am What I Am", and, and, and... nope - I think I just love the whole album.
Just one bit of criticism: the writing in the booklet - what color is that!?! A sort of very light lavender or something? I could hardly read it, it's too pale. Other than that: wonderful songs, beautifully arranged (lovely, romantic, yet not too 'schmaltzy'), plus some gorgeous pics of John ;)
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So today I told my mum that I'm gonna fly to the UK again, this time not for a play, but for a concert. Not that she'd say anything against it, cause she knows how much I enjoy it, but you know... spending altogether probably at least €250 just to see someone live on stage always makes me feel like I've got to confess my sins. Since she (not surprising, as she doesn't speak English very good and so can't watch my 'Torchwood' and 'Doctor Who' DVDs) didn't know who John was I showed her a snippet from the Faenol Festival vid. Her exact words - translated of course ;) - after only the first 30 seconds or so of "I Know Him So Well" were: "Wow, he's awesome!" - and she didn't mean his voice alone :D
Now I had to borrow her the Cole Porter album so she can enjoy a bit more of John's music - I'm wondering when I'll see that disc again. Probably not before Christmas. And I guess I could get her hooked on Torchwood as soon as it airs on German TV, which should be sometime this winter according to the network that bought it. Hehe, drooling over JB with my mom. That could be fun XD
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Just got me a little something. I would say it's an early Christmas present, but then I got me so many of these recently, they just wouldn't fit under one tree. Read more... )
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Since I tend to be all nervous and squirrelly when it comes to "new" things (which for example can be meeting new people or just taking a trip somewhere for the first time or some really teeny tiny thing other people would do blindfolded), I have to admit I was rather edgy more nervous ramblings this way )
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What is it with the British today? Only bad news on my favourite shows...
First David Tennant announces to step down from Doctor Who (*cries*) and now I switch on the news and it says Russell Brand resigned from the BBC (ok, that's something I'm not particularly sad about) and Jonathan Ross is on suspension (what the f***!?) for a radio stunt they pulled! What the heck was that about? Did they make death threats to someone or what?
Hell, the only thing that could be worse would be Stephen Fry quitting QI - and after a morning like this I wouldn't be surprised if that happened later on today as well...
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I'm spent - totally! Today I really earned me a treat.
Since I'm currently refurbishing my living room, I thought I should give the other rooms a thorough clearance as well. So today was "throw away everything you don't need anyway"-day in my bedroom. It is a quite small room, but you wouldn't believe what one could store there...
So in addition to rearranging a collection of "National Geographic" magazines on the shelf, dusting everything and other usual stuff, I completely cleared out my closet. Hard decisions to make - every item I couldn't remember when I last wore it went to charity (plus some things I could remember clearly when I wore them last, but realizing that was at my parents' wedding anniversary 10 years ago...) All in all the things I gave away filled 2 big (and I mean big!) suitcases! So for now, my closet is probably the emptiest I've seen it in years - there's actually some space for new things! *feels good*
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My local cinema just made an offer that's really hard to refuse for me: they now offer a flat fee. film fan dreaming... )


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