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Watched the classic episode "The Three Doctors", with Pertwee, Troughton and Hartnell again and thought I'd make some icons:


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Just came back home after 4 (well, more 3 1/2) days in London. I'm knackered, I want to go to bed... but since I desperately want to tell about it, and my phone's broken down (forgot to put the wireless into the charger before departing - ouch! so no phoning friends or family tonight), LJ post it is.
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I'm torn...

Jan. 2nd, 2009 07:36 pm
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between desperately trying to ignore the fact that David Tennant is stepping down as the Doctor and wanting to know who'll be Doctor no. 11.
Not much longer though - the BBC announced that the identity of the next Doctor will be revealed tomorrow in a special of "Doctor Who Confidential", which will air on BBC 1 at 5:35 pm.
I'm scared - what if I don't like who they chose? But then before I saw the first episode with the 10th Doctor I was equally afraid that I might not like David Tennant. Guess I'll just have to trust Steven Moffat & Co. - I'm sure they know what they're doing... I hope...

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Today I was reminded of why I tend to buy the stuff I want/need (CDs, DVDs, books etc) on the internet instead of just going to the shops.
I want to read Russell T. Davies' "The Writer's Tale". But, thinking it might be a good idea to support my local bookshop, I ordered it there and not on amazon. Guy in the shop told me it'll take 10-14 days (I'm not in the UK, so the shop had to order it from there) - ok for me. But that was on December, 1st! So today I'm going in to check on my order. Same guy - he looks it up and is like "Hm, my computer says the book's not been released yet." Hello??? I tell him that can't be right, and he checks on the net, coming to the same conclusion: the book has been out since September. Congratulations! Now - after 4 weeks of waiting - he tells me that he obviously can't get the book for me. Not that he could have phoned me in the meantime, after all they have my phone number and they should get notice of some kind from their distributor if he can't deliver an article. Thanks very much.
The upshot was that now I cancelled the order at the shop and (surprise) ordered on Estimated delivery: tomorrow! I just love the internet.
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I just realised that I had kind of "first contact" with Doctor Who way before the new series made it into German TV this year. Well, not with "The Doctor", but someone who borrowed his name in real life. The Doctor is in )
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So today I told my mum that I'm gonna fly to the UK again, this time not for a play, but for a concert. Not that she'd say anything against it, cause she knows how much I enjoy it, but you know... spending altogether probably at least €250 just to see someone live on stage always makes me feel like I've got to confess my sins. Since she (not surprising, as she doesn't speak English very good and so can't watch my 'Torchwood' and 'Doctor Who' DVDs) didn't know who John was I showed her a snippet from the Faenol Festival vid. Her exact words - translated of course ;) - after only the first 30 seconds or so of "I Know Him So Well" were: "Wow, he's awesome!" - and she didn't mean his voice alone :D
Now I had to borrow her the Cole Porter album so she can enjoy a bit more of John's music - I'm wondering when I'll see that disc again. Probably not before Christmas. And I guess I could get her hooked on Torchwood as soon as it airs on German TV, which should be sometime this winter according to the network that bought it. Hehe, drooling over JB with my mom. That could be fun XD
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What is it with the British today? Only bad news on my favourite shows...
First David Tennant announces to step down from Doctor Who (*cries*) and now I switch on the news and it says Russell Brand resigned from the BBC (ok, that's something I'm not particularly sad about) and Jonathan Ross is on suspension (what the f***!?) for a radio stunt they pulled! What the heck was that about? Did they make death threats to someone or what?
Hell, the only thing that could be worse would be Stephen Fry quitting QI - and after a morning like this I wouldn't be surprised if that happened later on today as well...
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Ok, I know the answer, it's all about Christmas shopping. But hell, this year almost every new release I'm interested in will be out in November! On November 17th it's "Doctor Who Series 4" and "Stephen Fry in America", on November 24th follows John Barrowman's new album. Not to forget that from what I heard the DVD of "Mamma Mia" probably will be released around that time, too, and there's a book accompanying Stephen Fry's TV series I'm pretty shure I'll buy as well. Did I mention that I adore that man?
Guess I should start saving my pennies now...
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Here they are - my latest icons. Mostly taken from "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood", but also a few leftovers from other episodes.


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My first attempt on doing something creative (except for writing) - a few Icons from the fabulous show "Doctor Who", that made a short, but not very successful appearance on German TV. I loved it - but not too many other viewers... the ratings were bad, so they canceled it after only 3 weeks (which is really a shame; how was anyone supposed to watch it when the network chose a "not so good" time slot - saturdays at 5 pm - and didn't really promote it in the first way!)
So anyway - thanks to the lovely BBC I can still watch it, and here is what I came up with:
Who is German


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