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Today I was reminded of why I tend to buy the stuff I want/need (CDs, DVDs, books etc) on the internet instead of just going to the shops.
I want to read Russell T. Davies' "The Writer's Tale". But, thinking it might be a good idea to support my local bookshop, I ordered it there and not on amazon. Guy in the shop told me it'll take 10-14 days (I'm not in the UK, so the shop had to order it from there) - ok for me. But that was on December, 1st! So today I'm going in to check on my order. Same guy - he looks it up and is like "Hm, my computer says the book's not been released yet." Hello??? I tell him that can't be right, and he checks on the net, coming to the same conclusion: the book has been out since September. Congratulations! Now - after 4 weeks of waiting - he tells me that he obviously can't get the book for me. Not that he could have phoned me in the meantime, after all they have my phone number and they should get notice of some kind from their distributor if he can't deliver an article. Thanks very much.
The upshot was that now I cancelled the order at the shop and (surprise) ordered on Estimated delivery: tomorrow! I just love the internet.
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Mine just promised to bring his wlan router to our parents' home over the holidays. Thank god! Because they do have internet access, but the computer is up in the attic, and it's not very comfortable up there. Not to mention that there will be at least 4 people who'd want to use that PC, which can cause a little trouble. (or as my brother put it: "I'm not going to spent a week in that one-horse town without unlimited internet access!"). Now everybody can just take their notebook, mobile phone or game console of choice and do whatever they like whereever they like.


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