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Sep. 23rd, 2016 01:54 pm
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Over the last few months it's been confirmed for me again that getting into a new fandom can lead to all kinds of unrelated discoveries. In this case: music. Turns out that some of the Supernatural actors have really good taste in music. Since listening to stuff they tweeted about I've bought new albums by Sturgill Simpson, Brian Buckley Band, Jason Manns (ok, those were covers featuring some of the actors, so not sure it counts *g*), and Kaleo.

As it turned out, Sturgill Simpson had a gig at our local music festival (Reeperbahnfestival), so I went to see him live yesterday. My first concert in a smaller club in years. The last one I'd been to was Hugh Laurie at Cafe Keese, but while the music was good, the venue was awful. Could mostly just see heads of people in front of me, and only a few glimpses of Hugh, when he was standing up. Yesterday's gig was at "Knust", which turned out to be a much better venue. (Also, I got there early-ish, so ended up 2 or 3 rows from the stage). Good thing I went, because Simpson's a really good live musician, with a great band. Country music's not everyone's taste of course, but his stuff is well worth looking into. Here's a clip of his cover version of "The Promise"

If you like it a bit more upbeat, have some bluegrass. Read more... )
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For those who want to "relive" that cheesy, so very wrong but so funny event, here are some icons of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. I made at least one icon from every contry's entry. Some of the text in the icons is taken from [ profile] ayalanetzer's (and others) brilliant tweets (thanks for posting those, ayala, it was hilarious!).


This way to the gayest moments of Saturday night TV in ages )
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Finally bought myself a new stereo. Well I say 'bought', it's more like 'ordered', since according to amazon delivery will take up to 4 weeks (should have ordered last week, they had them in store then...). A real shame, since I already gave my old one away to my father. It was his in the first place, but he gave it to me when he bought a new one 10 years ago. So just to give you an idea: first I was stuck with some mediocre stereo system that was at least 20 years old (I'm guessing older), now I have none and have to stick to my iPod or PC. But then the waiting should be worth it. I settled for a Yamaha Pianocraft (E410), which in it's price class is supposed to be one of the best sound-wise. Tested it at a local electronics store and loved it. I so would have wanted to take it with me right then but they wanted me to pay 70 € more than amazon. Sorry, but no.

Plus, today I decided on the cloth for the new curtains in my living room. So once they are done and the stereo is delivered my all-new, all-shiny living room will finally be complete :D
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So here's my first impression of John's album "Music, Music, Music":
I love it, and it appeals to me much more than "Another Side" (which I think is not bad, but it didn't catch me as much as this one).
I especially love "I Made it Through the Rain" - a wonderful melody *melts* - and (after a short adaptation period because it's arranged a little different than the "Faenol Festival version") the duet with Daniel Boys, "I Know Him So Well". Their voices are just perfect together.
And "I Am What I Am", and, and, and... nope - I think I just love the whole album.
Just one bit of criticism: the writing in the booklet - what color is that!?! A sort of very light lavender or something? I could hardly read it, it's too pale. Other than that: wonderful songs, beautifully arranged (lovely, romantic, yet not too 'schmaltzy'), plus some gorgeous pics of John ;)
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So today I told my mum that I'm gonna fly to the UK again, this time not for a play, but for a concert. Not that she'd say anything against it, cause she knows how much I enjoy it, but you know... spending altogether probably at least €250 just to see someone live on stage always makes me feel like I've got to confess my sins. Since she (not surprising, as she doesn't speak English very good and so can't watch my 'Torchwood' and 'Doctor Who' DVDs) didn't know who John was I showed her a snippet from the Faenol Festival vid. Her exact words - translated of course ;) - after only the first 30 seconds or so of "I Know Him So Well" were: "Wow, he's awesome!" - and she didn't mean his voice alone :D
Now I had to borrow her the Cole Porter album so she can enjoy a bit more of John's music - I'm wondering when I'll see that disc again. Probably not before Christmas. And I guess I could get her hooked on Torchwood as soon as it airs on German TV, which should be sometime this winter according to the network that bought it. Hehe, drooling over JB with my mom. That could be fun XD
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Just got me a little something. I would say it's an early Christmas present, but then I got me so many of these recently, they just wouldn't fit under one tree. Read more... )
movieaddict: (Default) all but wasted these days, since I obviously listen to the same stuff over and over. I got about 3.000 songs on my hard drive, but I just opened the "my top 25" play list on itunes (it contains the 25 songs you played the most)... what can I say - the top 20 on the list are nothing else than John Barrowman's songs from the "Swings Cole Porter" and the "Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber" album. Not one other song in the top 20!
(the last 5 places go to Pink, Amy Winehouse, Babybird and The Beatles btw). This is getting ridiculous!
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I can't f* believe it - today I spent over 100 € on a concert ticket! But then, well... it's for an Elton John show, and sorry, but music-wise he's my total hero. click here for fangirl's verbal diorrhea )


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