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Sep. 23rd, 2016 01:54 pm
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Over the last few months it's been confirmed for me again that getting into a new fandom can lead to all kinds of unrelated discoveries. In this case: music. Turns out that some of the Supernatural actors have really good taste in music. Since listening to stuff they tweeted about I've bought new albums by Sturgill Simpson, Brian Buckley Band, Jason Manns (ok, those were covers featuring some of the actors, so not sure it counts *g*), and Kaleo.

As it turned out, Sturgill Simpson had a gig at our local music festival (Reeperbahnfestival), so I went to see him live yesterday. My first concert in a smaller club in years. The last one I'd been to was Hugh Laurie at Cafe Keese, but while the music was good, the venue was awful. Could mostly just see heads of people in front of me, and only a few glimpses of Hugh, when he was standing up. Yesterday's gig was at "Knust", which turned out to be a much better venue. (Also, I got there early-ish, so ended up 2 or 3 rows from the stage). Good thing I went, because Simpson's a really good live musician, with a great band. Country music's not everyone's taste of course, but his stuff is well worth looking into. Here's a clip of his cover version of "The Promise"

If you like it a bit more upbeat, have some bluegrass. Read more... )


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