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Thank God the new "Doctor Who" only has 4 series' so far. So my choice would be:

"Peter's Friends" and
"Doctor Who" Series 1-4; or is it cheating to count a box set as one DVD? No, don't think so ;)
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I've actually never seen 'It's a Wonderful Life'.
My favourite Christmas movies are 'Love Actually', 'Die Hard' (yes, that is a Christmas movie!) and the 'Emil i Lönneberga' movies. They're kids stories, based on the novels by swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Wonderful fun stuff around the boy Emil (in Germany he's actually called Michel), a prankster who lives on a farm in the district of Lönneberga in Sweden.
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My local cinema just made an offer that's really hard to refuse for me: they now offer a flat fee. film fan dreaming... )
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Been to the cinema yesterday and watched "Burn After Reading" (I know, probably an old hat for most of you, but here it came out only a week ago). Anyway: the most hilarious 90 minutes I had in a long time. The Coens once again made a fantastic movie. spoilers following )
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...some icons to say goodbye to the most beautiful blue eyes in Hollywood (but d**, most of the pics are b/w)
Actually I'm pretty sad right now. This calls for a change of plan on tonights film list. Maybe something like "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid", "The Sting" or "Nobody's Fool" to cheer me up.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
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Just came home with a couple of new DVDs and the plan to watch them tonight. But what a combination: we'll have Disney's "Enchanted", then "La vie en rose" (biopic about Edith Piaf - with 2008's Oscar winner for Best Actress Marion Cotillard) and as final course of the day: Peter Jackson's "The Frighteners", which is probably described best as a "horror-comedy".
I guess my friend's gonna think I'm nuts XD
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... and I nearly missed it. Unbelieveable! This year's filmfest takes place from September, 25th to October, 2nd. I actually went to the movies so scarcely over the last weeks that I didn't notice the adverts until yesterday. *shakes head*
I love the "Eurovisuell" section of the festival. They show european blockbusters, this year (among others) a thriller from Belgium, a drama from Bulgaria and a comedy from the Czech Republik.
After having a first look at the programme I came up with quite a lot of movies I'm interested in. But then many of them are dramas, and actually I have enough drama at work recently. So maybe I'll stick to the comedies...

Maybe I'm lucky enough to catch a screening where the filmmakers show up - but unfortunately that's something one usually wouldn't know in advance. Over the last years I had the chance to attend q&a sessions with Julian Fellowes (Oscar winner for best original screenplay for "Gosford Park"), who presented his directorial debut "Seperate Lies", director Stephan Elliott ("Eye of the Beholder"), and Zach Braff ("Scrubs"), after the screening of his movie "The Last Kiss".
*goes buying tickets*
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...exactly what John Barrowman said about the title of this horror/comedy-movie: SHARK ATTACK 3 - MEGALODON. Really, I'm not kidding, it is definitely a comedy. Just saw it and laughed my ass off. Every cliche you could have in a movie like this: name it, it's in it! Plus dialogue so terrible you wouldn't believe, crappy FX and actors who really don't deserve this title.
We have (and don't read if you don't wanna be spoiled!): )

And if anyone hasn't heard the anecdote about the worst line ever spoken in a movie, "here's the youtube link."
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Some icons I made. Pretty simple stuff (I'm not that good at picture editing), but anyway - enjoy!

fun this way )

More Meme

Jul. 15th, 2008 07:09 pm
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Snatched from [ profile] bbgreenie:

This is Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 movies of the last 25 years list.

Bold the ones you have seen
Put an asterisk after the movie title* if you really liked it.
Cross it out if you saw a film and really disliked it
Underline the ones you own

Read more... )


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