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So last weekend was my second Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart. Had a blast last year, and decided to return.

This year I booked early enough to get a room at a hotel right next to Messe Stuttgart, where the Con takes place. Last year I had to drive a bit to get there. Not much (only 3 stops on the train), but closer is always good.

And the hotel was a good choice, on Saturday ran into a friend in the breakfast room. Nice coincidence.

Again quite a few guests cancelled their scheduled appearance (among others Ioan Gruffudd, Ming-Na Wen (again), Arthur Darvill), but there were still a few I was looking forward to see/meet. John Barrowman, of course, but also the "American Gods" actors Ricky Whittle and Demore Barnes (who was also on Supernatural a while back).
Plus, this year they had a really good line-up of comic book artists.

So I spent the weekend doing this:
- watch live drawing on stage by Pasquale Qualano (Torchwood), Stephanie Gladden (The Simpsons), and Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy)

Artist Stephanie Gladden standing next to a board with her drawing of Maggie Simpson on it. Maggie is holidng a plush animal that looks like Snoopy the dog.

Artist Rebekah Isaacs standing at a board, her back towards the photographer, doing the finishing touches on her drawing of Buffy

- Getting my own personl drawing of Captain Jack from Pasquale Qualano, even though I embarassed myself by slipping into Spanish instead of Italian when asking for the sketch (yep, per favore and por favor are a bit too close together for my brain). At least I managed mille grazie at the end *g*

Sketch in blue pencil showing a portrait of Captain Jack.

Pasquale Qualano working on the abovementioned sketch at his table.

- getting my Black Widow #1 signed by artist Phil Noto

- watching panels with David Dastmalchian (Scarecrow in The Dark Knight, Kurt in Ant-Man, among other things), John Barrowman (twice, because, you know, fun), artist Brian Muir (who sculpted for Star Wars, Alien and other films), Demore Barnes and Ricky Whittle (American Gods), and the makers of German comic series "Nicht Lustig" (= "Not funny")

David Dastmalchian on stage, looking down at the viewer. The angle makes him look a bit evil/insane like his movie character Scarecrow David Dastmalchian kneeling in front of a young girl that can only be seen from the back, talking to her animatedly.

John Barrowman on stage in a knee length blue Tardis onesie, leaning on one of the side railings with his forearms

Brian Muir sitting on stage

Ricky Whittle standing with each foot on a differnt chair, doing knee bends
Demore Barnes on stage, wearing an American Gods T Shirt, holding a microphone

- watching an ork ride a segway

A person masked as an ork riding an indoor parcours on a segway

- getting my picture taken with JB. JB was nice (especially for already having done a 75 minute shoot at that point), but the con photographer was so fast that I look kind of stupid (slightly open mouth, no smile), because i hadn't yet schooled my look when he took his picture. Unfortunatly stupid look does not equal a second try, so yeah... was pretty much sure I'd end my short Con photo career at that point. (not showing that pic, sorry). But, gave it one last try after all for a double photo op with Ricky and Demore, which ended up being very nice. Both of them greeted me with a hug, made time to comment on my shirt, ASKED if I wanted a special pose, the photographer took more time (in reality probably only 3 seconds, but that was enough), Ricky gave me a quick peck on the cheek before I left (and another hug from Demore), and the picture did turn out nicely (for me being in it ;). That's what I call an amazing con experience.

- doing a fun photo shoot at the 20th Century Fox booth. Me sharing a photo with Logan, Laura, and Professor X *gg*

A sheet with four black and white passport photos in it, from top left to bottom right showing Laura, Professor X, Logan, and me

- looking at a variety of awesome Lego models. A lot of Star Wars there, but also other fandoms, and models of famous buildings from around the world.

Loved this little collection. See if you can guess which famous characters they are:
A collection of simple stacks of differently coloured lego bricks. The colour scheme of each set up gives away the characters they are supposed to be even without any faces or details bein added

- admiring lots of awesome Cosplayers. The Captain Jack Sparrow guy was amazing. His whole demeanour - his walk, gestures etc - looked just like the "real" Captain Jack from the movies.

A man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

A group of people dressed up as the Ghostbusters in overalls, with equipment on their backs, posing for a photographer.
A woman dressed up as a crime scene, with a wide black dress, yellow crime scene tape sewn onto it and what looks like shears sticking out of her head

- admiring the Star Wars sets that had been set up. Everything from the cantina, a bantha, to the Emperor's "throne" (which you could take a seat in, and which I did, but the guy I asked to take the picture messed up. But I got arrested by some storm troopers *g*)

- and to polish things off I did some shopping, too, of course. Got a new bag tag, Harry Potter style, a Doctor Who and a Rogue One poster for my office, some Japanese Kit Kat (which I *assume* from the packaging are almond/cranberry flavour, but who knows... haven't tried them yet), a Supernatural button for my backpack, and a few comics of course.

All in all a very good weekend once again. :)

Oh, and shortly before the con ended had a fun little encounter. Walked the floor, when someone called out "excuse me". I turned around and there was a teenage guy (never asked, but I guess he's about 17/18 years old). "I don't know if you remember...". Surprisingly, I did. We met at CCG last year at the Agents of SHIELD panel and talked for a while there. He was there for Natalia Cordova-Buckley (from AoS) this year. Since I'm way behind on the episodes I hadn't seen that, but still, was lovely to see him again :D
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So, it seems that lj's new TOS are troubling not only regarding privacy (I somewhat doubt that I'll ever reach that 'magical' line of 3000 clicks per day, but still, I'm not happy with the idea of having to disclose my identity to Russian authorities or sth), but also the "no politics"-rule is worded similar to things that have been used to forbid lgbt discussions etc as "gay propaganda".
Not something I'm comfortable supporting with, so I've been looking for alternatives. It seems as if some of my friends and communities I'm following are already moving to Dreamwidth, or are at least backing up their journals/work there. The site seems similar to lj in a lot of ways, and also they're offering an import feature for lj journals. I've started moving my entries now, will let you know how that goes and if/when the move is complete.
If you're interested in coming over there, too, find my under my new username, movieaddict (can't shake all my addictions completely, it seems *g*).

New Music

Sep. 23rd, 2016 01:54 pm
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Over the last few months it's been confirmed for me again that getting into a new fandom can lead to all kinds of unrelated discoveries. In this case: music. Turns out that some of the Supernatural actors have really good taste in music. Since listening to stuff they tweeted about I've bought new albums by Sturgill Simpson, Brian Buckley Band, Jason Manns (ok, those were covers featuring some of the actors, so not sure it counts *g*), and Kaleo.

As it turned out, Sturgill Simpson had a gig at our local music festival (Reeperbahnfestival), so I went to see him live yesterday. My first concert in a smaller club in years. The last one I'd been to was Hugh Laurie at Cafe Keese, but while the music was good, the venue was awful. Could mostly just see heads of people in front of me, and only a few glimpses of Hugh, when he was standing up. Yesterday's gig was at "Knust", which turned out to be a much better venue. (Also, I got there early-ish, so ended up 2 or 3 rows from the stage). Good thing I went, because Simpson's a really good live musician, with a great band. Country music's not everyone's taste of course, but his stuff is well worth looking into. Here's a clip of his cover version of "The Promise"

If you like it a bit more upbeat, have some bluegrass. Read more... )
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Was playing around with Photoshop again - this is what I came up with:

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Finally made some icons from the 'Children of Earth' promo pics.


Enjoy, take what you like, use in whatever way you want, but please comment and credit. Thanks :)

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For those who want to "relive" that cheesy, so very wrong but so funny event, here are some icons of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. I made at least one icon from every contry's entry. Some of the text in the icons is taken from [ profile] ayalanetzer's (and others) brilliant tweets (thanks for posting those, ayala, it was hilarious!).


This way to the gayest moments of Saturday night TV in ages )
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Watched the classic episode "The Three Doctors", with Pertwee, Troughton and Hartnell again and thought I'd make some icons:


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[Error: unknown template qotd]Hm, never met anyone famous incidentally, as far as I recall (except for running into a really obnoxious politician from my city while on a 9/11 commemoration ceremony... but he's not really a 'celebrity', thank God!)
But I did meet a few more or less famous people while hunting for autographs. That would be Patrick Stewart, Rowan Atkinson and British "Any Dream Will Do"-winner Jodie Prenger at the stage doors of their respective venues, plus I met some of the German Olympic Champions and World Champions in horseriding, e.g. Ludger Beerbaum, Franke Sloothaak and Otto Becker, who regularly come/came round to a horse show that takes place near my parent's home town.
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Some veery lilac/lavender/pink icons, thanks to John's choice of shirt and The One Show's studio setting...

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If you like them, the usual rules: take, comment, credit - thank you :)
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Thank God the new "Doctor Who" only has 4 series' so far. So my choice would be:

"Peter's Friends" and
"Doctor Who" Series 1-4; or is it cheating to count a box set as one DVD? No, don't think so ;)
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Best is hard to say - there were a few I liked. Kate Winslet looked stunning, as did Amy Adams. Meryl Streep, whose dress last year was kind of... erm...strange... made a good choice this year I think. Nothing spectacular, but simple and beautiful. And it matched her daughters dress, which was kind of cute.
The worst - easy: Sophia Loren. It might have been not just the dress, but her overall look, but she reminded me of a scarecrow.
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Anybody knows "Postcrossing"? The general idea is to write postcards to people from all over the world, and in return receive cards from other people. (so no 'long term commitement' like having a pen pal, which I could never maintain properly, but still getting greetings and hearing stories from all over the world).
Great idea, and so much fun. I started only a month ago and already got wonderful cards from China, Great Britain, Finland, Hungary and some more. I guess my postman already starts to wonder what this is all about :D
The addresses of the people who you should write to are given out at random - so imagine my surprise when today I received a card from the US, and the writer told me that we have a common friend on the net (at this point: greetings to [ profile] whathobertie who introduced us both to the idea of postcrossing). Honestly: there are more than 80.000 people who joined the community so far and she gets to send me a card, plus: realizes that we know the same person? How cool is that!? *lol*
movieaddict: (Default) London would be less pricey if I keep going like this. It's official - I'm going to the UK again. This will be visit no 4 over the course of 1 1/2 years.
This time Cardiff, going to see John Barrowman doing Panto there next January. Booked my ticket today, and probably will combine the trip to Cardiff with New Year's Eve in London. Hell, that's almost a year to go still. Honestly, I'm sure I didn't use to plan my holidays so far in advance just half a year ago... the things I do out of pure fangirlishness...
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have to admit that I ruined the movie "Titanic" for a friend of mine. We were talking about it and I was going like "I think it's soo predictable that Leonardo's character dies at the end." She was genuinely surprised by that. But honestly - did anybody believe in a happy ending? When I made that statement, I hadn't even seen the movie myself, but I thought the outcome of the story was chrystal clear XD
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There seems to be a mutual agreement between my landlady's daughter (who writes the "shift schedule") and all weather gods known to mankind that it only snows when I'm on duty for snow and ice clearance at our house. Honestly - we had amounts of snow that were worth shoveling away on no more than 2 days this winter, and both times it was my turn! Not the first year that this happened. I'd guess that 2 times out of 3 it's me who clears our sidewalk... Maybe it's a cunning plan to get me to exercise more during the winter...?
What annoys me is that above mentioned daughter seems to think I had probably forgotten it (no chance I'll forget any of my duties again since I had to tolerate a 10 minute lecture when I forgot to clean a window in the stairway). So 5 minutes ago she rings at my door and asks "You know it's your turn to shovel snow?" Hello? Maybe next time she takes a look outside before bothering me - I already did that two hours ago. Yes, we can't stand each other, thank you very much.

Love the way the city looks under all that snow though, just really beautiful. The downside: my pizza delivery takes forever and I'm getting really, really hungry now...
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Just came back home after 4 (well, more 3 1/2) days in London. I'm knackered, I want to go to bed... but since I desperately want to tell about it, and my phone's broken down (forgot to put the wireless into the charger before departing - ouch! so no phoning friends or family tonight), LJ post it is.
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He's back!

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:11 pm
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*Yeah!* for David Tennant! Yesterday evening he returned to play Hamlet at the Novello Theatre. Some slight alterations were made for him (he doesn't have to pull Polonius off the stage for example) - still no guarantees that he'll perform every night next week, but I'm so happy right now, hoping that I might actually see him.
I'd like to thank my boss, who wouldn't give me time off in December so I had to postpone my trip to London until January. She might have earned herself a souvenir for that ;)

btw: the evening programme for my trip is now complete! Booked the last ticket today. It actually is theatre/musical every night. Thursday: Hamlet, Friday: Oliver!, Saturday: Avenue Q. Might be a bit of an overkill, but then I don't get to London that often, so I have to make the most of it.
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Some useless facts my newspaper printed today:

- one of six internists in Germany has been beaten by a patient
- Radio Finland broadcasts news in Latin every Friday and Saturday
- George Bush and Saddam Hussein shared te same shoemaker: Artioli from Italy
- bashing your head against the wall burns about 150 calories an hour
- one litre of printing ink from Hewlett Packard costs more than a litre of Chanel No. 5
- by selling 627 records in one week you can make rank 84 of the German album charts
- Cajus Julius Caesar is a member of the German Bundestag
- before signing the embargo on Cuban products, JFK had his spokesman supply him with 1200 Havana cigars
- the British Queen is a learnt truck mechanic (I actually knew that before, but I find it just great, so I couldn't help mentioning it)
- you can use Viagra for keeping cut flowers fresh
- cut an onion and rub it on the soles of your feet; about an hour later you have the taste of onions in your mouth
and my personal favourite:
- in Japan you can buy a DVD called "Crush by Venus": eroticism for men whose fetish are dominas crushing model trains with their boots. Don't believe this? Take a look

There were a lot more, taken from the book "Neon Unn├╝tzes Wissen", that obviously contains nothing else but useless facts - I'm tempted to buy it XD


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