Jan. 23rd, 2009

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There seems to be a mutual agreement between my landlady's daughter (who writes the "shift schedule") and all weather gods known to mankind that it only snows when I'm on duty for snow and ice clearance at our house. Honestly - we had amounts of snow that were worth shoveling away on no more than 2 days this winter, and both times it was my turn! Not the first year that this happened. I'd guess that 2 times out of 3 it's me who clears our sidewalk... Maybe it's a cunning plan to get me to exercise more during the winter...?
What annoys me is that above mentioned daughter seems to think I had probably forgotten it (no chance I'll forget any of my duties again since I had to tolerate a 10 minute lecture when I forgot to clean a window in the stairway). So 5 minutes ago she rings at my door and asks "You know it's your turn to shovel snow?" Hello? Maybe next time she takes a look outside before bothering me - I already did that two hours ago. Yes, we can't stand each other, thank you very much.

Love the way the city looks under all that snow though, just really beautiful. The downside: my pizza delivery takes forever and I'm getting really, really hungry now...


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